digital photography and intraoral camera

Why Wall Street Dentistry uses Digital Photography and Intraoral Camera

digital photography and intraoral cameraAlbertville, AL

Advancements in dental technology mean that your Boaz dentist can provide you with exceptional results and save you time in the long run. While you have the option to receive dental care for any dentist around, we believe that our use of cutting-edge technology helps sets us apart from other dentists in the area. An intraoral camera, along with digitial photography are two of our most used pieces of technology at our office. Here’s how they can help make your dental experience even better.

An intraoral camera is a tool that allows the dentist to capture clear, close-up images of your teeth and mouth. The intraoral camera provides precise, enlarged images that aid the dentist in an accurate diagnosis of your oral health and allows for better communication with the patient, regarding their dental issues.

The intraoral camera is roughly the size of a toothbrush and is easy and convenient to use. Plus, using this type of digital photography means the patient is not being exposed to as much radiation as traditional X-rays. The images are transferred onto a computer screen, which makes it easier for the dentist to see inside the mouth for diagnosis and treatment planning. These images allow the dentist to examine your teeth, mouth, and gums for concerns that may be missed with a typical oral exam. The use of an intraoral camera or digital photography could uncover issues such as abnormalities of the teeth, mouth, or gums, or cracks and cavities in the teeth. In other words, using an intraoral camera provides a quick, more accurate diagnosis, resulting in conservative treatment so long as issues are caught early. Plus, a quicker diagnosis means less appointment time for you.

Capturing images of your mouth using the intraoral camera means you can see inside your mouth too, which enhances the communication between you and the dentist. These images allow the dentist an opportunity to show you exactly what is being identified as the issue. The digital images can easily be stored in your patient file at the dentist office and can be conveniently sent to your insurance company, a dental lab, or other dental specialists when necessary. 

Even with the use of the intraoral camera, there may still be a need for regular X-rays to be taken. In fact, sometimes it may be necessary to use a combination of methods to capture various images of the patient’s teeth, mouth, and gums. These images are used in devising treatment plans, as well as for diagnostic purposes. Therefore, we only recommend them when absolutely necessary. The dentists at Wall Street Dentistry will make certain to recommend the best, most efficient method for you.

At Wall Street Dentistry, we offer cutting-edge technology and use only the finest quality of dental materials available. Because of this, we are able to provide exceptional care to our paitnets in a franction of the time, and provide results that surpass expectations. Come and experience the difference with us at Wall Street Dentistry.

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