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Dental Implants, Close the Gap between Tooth Loss

Albertville, AL

For individuals with missing teeth, traditional treatments for tooth replacement were dental bridges or removable dentures. While effective, dental bridges involve filing down the adjacent teeth so that the bridge can connect. And, dentures may not be the best option for everybody, especially for those who have suffered from tooth loss for years.

Industry leaders in the dental field, such as Wall Street Dentistry in Albertville, now prefer the use of dental implants as replacements for missing teeth.

A dental implant consists of three pieces: a titanium screw, an abutment, and a porcelain crown. The titanium screw is permanently placed into the jawbone and functions as a root. The abutment remains above the gum and is visible during the healing process, which is usually about six months. The last stage of a dental implant is the placement of a permanent crown. The result of the implant will look, feel, and function like your natural teeth.

Placing the implant typically requires two appointments. At the first appointment, the dentist inserts the implant into your jawbone while you are numb. A small abutment will be visible above the gum line. Three months later, after the gums heal from this procedure, the crown is attached to the abutment at the second appointment.

Dental implants have the following advantages over bridges or dentures:

  • Aesthetics – Implants look just like natural teeth
  • Durability – Implants are permanent with no risk of tooth decay, whereas bridgework needs to be replaced approximately every decade
  • High success rate – Implants have a 95 percent success rate

The biggest negative to implants is the upfront cost. Although dental implants can be costly, the fact that they last a lifetime makes a dental implant the most preferred option for tooth replacement. Dental bridges and dentures tend to need replacing every 8-10 years at least. This means that, although you may save money on the front end by opting for one of these less expensive options, you will eventually end up paying even more in the long run by the time you replace old dental work. Dental insurance may not cover the entire cost of your implant if any; however, due to the durability and high success rate of dental implants, they are still considered the ideal option for patients with missing teeth.

The good news is that Wall Street Dentistry offers payment plans and financing for all of our procedures, including dental implants. Our special financing offer allows you to receive treatment and pay for your procedure by making low monthly payments that are interest-free! You can even use this line of credit to pay for other costly dental procedures that you or your immediate family needs to have done.

To determine if you are a candidate for a dental implant, consider a consultation with us at Wall Street Dentistry. When evaluating your candidacy for an implant, we consider your oral health as a prominent factor.

Dental Implants in Boaz

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